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Specialized tracks

Residency specialized tracks

The ACGME requires that 6 out of 36 months of Pediatrics residency be individualized to the career goals of each resident.  Because of this, we offer 3 customizable tracks to allow residents to tailor their experiences in a mentored fashion. 

From the 2nd year forward, each resident will elect themselves to one of three “tracks” based on their career interests.  These include:  

  • Primary Care Track
  • Procedure/Non-procedural Subspecialty Tracks

Each track has one dedicated 2-week block per year. During this block, the resident members spend ½ of their time together in specific didactic, experiential, and simulation exercises to learn more about their career interest.  These “didactic” blocks are curated by a dedicated track director who develops the curriculum based on the needs / wants of the resident members. 

Each resident is encouraged to work with their core advisor to develop a plan for the additional 5 months of individualized curriculum that will best meet their needs.  This can include subspecialty and away rotations, electives, research blocks or self-designed rotations. 

A resident can switch between tracks if their interest changes at the completion of the 2nd year. 

The wide range of available subspecialties at CHoR provides ample opportunity for residents to explore their interests and career goals. 

Pediatric subspecialties at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU include:

pediatric resident subspecialties

Additional subspecialties

Pediatric and non-pediatric subspecialties include:

Become a CHoR resident

Residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program. You must apply using the ERAS System.


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