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We’re proud to be one of only 10 children’s hospitals on the East Coast to be verified as a Level 1 Children’s Surgery Center by the American College of Surgeons – not for the badge – but for what it means for kids like Andi, Zakara, Greyson, Lovelia and the more than 6,700 children who turned to us last year for surgical care. This verification is validation of the expert, compassionate care that’s delivered within our walls every day.

Our surgical specialists also work with colleagues in radiology using the latest techniques – including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging – to maximize diagnostic accuracy. 

Types of surgery performed at CHoR

Why choose CHoR?

  • Our surgeons are experts in taking care of children: Our team covers every type of pediatric surgery and performed more than 6,700 surgeries in fiscal year 2020.
  • Access to advanced imaging: From routine, same-day outpatient surgeries to complex, delicate procedures, our surgeons use the most advanced imaging services to help diagnose and treat kids.
  • Minimally invasive surgery options for your child: When possible, we use robot-assisted surgery and other minimally-invasive surgical procedures to minimize pain, scarring and blood loss; and shorten recovery time.

Do you have questions about preparing for surgery, what happens on surgery day or post-surgery recovery information? 

Access our surgery guide for children and families


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