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Put your trust in our surgeons’ hands 

Surgery. We know the very word can be scary when it comes to your own child. Rest assured: At CHoR, your child is not only in good hands, but among the best hands. Our surgeons take a special focus on your child’s unique surgical needs. We work closely with you to address your concerns and diagnose, treat and provide follow-up care for your child - whether infant, teen or any age in between. 

From routine, same-day outpatient surgeries to complex, delicate procedures, our surgeons use the most current and effective methods. These include robot-assisted surgery to minimize pain, scarring and blood loss, and other advanced, minimally-invasive surgical procedures.

Our surgical specialists also work with colleagues in radiology using the latest techniques – including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging – to maximize diagnostic accuracy. 

Types of surgery 

Do you have questions about preparing for surgery, what happens on surgery day or post-surgery recovery information? 

Access our surgery guide for children and families

Charles Bagwell
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David Lanning
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Laura Boomer
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Jeffrey Haynes
Jeffrey Haynes MD, FACS, FAAP Trauma Read more
Patricia Lange
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Claudio Oiticica
Claudio Oiticica MD Weight management, Vascular birthmarks/malformations, Adolescent bariatric surgery Read more


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