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Children’s radiology: CHoR’s serious, sensitive approach to imaging

Imaging procedures help us make an accurate diagnosis and are often an important part of your child's treatment plan. All of our pediatric radiologists have tailored training to perform and interpret imaging for children.

Our team uses kid-friendly expertise to select and perform the most appropriate imaging – as quickly, safely and precisely as possible.  

Diagnostic imaging and radiology procedures

Some common procedures performed at CHoR include:

  • CT scan
  • Diagnostic x-ray
  • EOS imaging
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Fetal MRI
  • MRI
  • Sonography (ultrasound)

Our pediatric radiologists and technologists use the latest imaging equipment

What to expect during imaging and radiology procedures

We understand that getting an x-ray or MRI can be scary for kids, in part because the equipment is big and sometimes loud. Our team takes special measures to calm your child's nerves and make them comfortable.

From superhero capes to a mini MRI scanner that makes noises just like the real thing, we help kids understand what to expect and prepare them to conquer their imaging procedure. Our certified Child Life specialist is also available to help age appropriately explain your child’s procedure to them and help find coping and distraction techniques to help them achieve the best experience possible. 

In studies requiring sedation, the physician regularly reviews the images while the child is still in the procedure room to ensure that all appropriate images have been obtained and urgent decisions can be made if needed. Families wait in a room close by, and we keep you informed throughout the procedure.

Minimizing radiation and imaging risks: Your child is in expert hands

The team uses specific pediatric protocols – which are special studies designed just for kids – with the goal of being as quick, quiet and precise as possible.

Equipment safety: In addition to leveraging best practices and emerging technology to improve our patients’ safety and experience, our physicians work closely with equipment manufacturers and application programmers, staying on the leading edge of technology and customizing tools for the best care for kids. 

Radiation risks: Exposure to radiation can pose risks. Our team uses technology to ensure precise and as low a dose radiation as possible. We only subject children to imaging that requires radiation when absolutely necessary to pinpoint an accurate diagnosis.  

Anesthesia: Our knowledgeable team focuses on children and understands the unique characteristics of growing bodies. Though we try to avoid sedation if possible, when patients do require anesthesia parents can rest assured that their child is in expert hands. Our dedicated pediatric anesthesiologists also have advanced and specialized medical training to care for even the youngest patients.

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