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Research and education

Research and education at CHoR

Our team of doctors, nurses, researchers and health care professionals are dedicated to making life better for kids. We aren’t just caring for their immediate needs, but researching advancements to pave the way for healthy futures.

As part of an academic medical center, we also have the privilege of helping to train future pediatric specialists and other professionals with a passion for caring for kids and families. We teach, counsel and mentor them to be the best they can be as they begin their careers.

The Children's Health Research Institute

Our research is collaborative and multidisciplinary – spanning across all of our specialties. From discovering how to stem the rising tide of obesity to developing new aerosol treatments for cystic fibrosis, we’re finding new ways to improve the lives of kids in our community and beyond.

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Pediatric education

At CHoR we train nearly every type of health professional – from doctors and physical therapists – to dentists and health care administrators.

Our clinical team has the privilege of helping to train promising future pediatricians and specialists. These residents and fellows come from near and far for comprehensive, hands-on education at CHoR.

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