Your children’s hospital is nationally ranked!

We’ve been ranked among the nation’s best children’s hospitals in four specialties – again! We’re thrilled to receive these honors, not for the badges, but for what they mean for our children and families. And to us, being chosen to care for your kids is the best recognition of all.

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Javi's story

Javi's story

Cancer…It wasn’t the word Amy Guzman was expecting to hear from her son’s ENT.

Now as his one-year “cancerversary” approaches, his family has a lot to celebrate.

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Our cancer team is here with families every step of the way.

Like Javi, receiving a diagnosis of pediatric cancer can change your family’s life in an instant. Caring for the whole child and family is at the heart of our approach to expert cancer care. You’re never in this alone.


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Winifred's story

Winifred's story

“It is very cool that she is being seen by doctors who are working in a nationally ranked hospital, but the fact they take the time to care, listen and celebrate her successes means even more to me as a parent. She's not treated like a number, a case study or a research project; she's treated like the person she is...a growing, thriving, loving child!”

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Our pulmonologists help children breathe better, sleep better and live active and healthy lives

From the simple to the complex – our pulmonologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, social workers and entire team are here to help your child thrive. We care for every lung-related condition – from asthma and cystic fibrosis to complex aerodigestive disorders.

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Jacob's story

Jacob's story

A trip to the emergency room with flu like symptoms in December 2019 revealed 16-year-old Jacob Jones had been living with a serious kidney condition.

That’s when they met Dr. Timothy Bunchman, chief of nephrology at CHoR, and Jacob was officially diagnosed with renal dysplasia, meaning his kidneys had never properly developed and at just 16 years old, they were failing. He was going to need a transplant.

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Comprehensive kidney care that makes a difference

Our individualized treatment plans, multidisciplinary team, multispecialty clinics and ability to care for the common and the complex are why we’ve been ranked among the nation’s best kidney program for the seventh time!

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Greyson's story

Greyson's story

"As a parent, it is comforting knowing that the doctors who are diagnosing and treating my son are some of the best available. One word comes to mind and that is trust."

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Our urology team provides relief and life-changing care for kids living with urinary conditions

Our urology specialists are nationally-known, but practice right here in your back yard – with locations from Richmond to Fredericksburg. The team cares for children with common and complex conditions.

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