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Newborn nursery

Quality and safety initiative

Newborn nursery

The newborn nursery at CHoR is a special part of our hospital. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment to encourage the strong bond between parents and their new baby. When it is time to go home with your new family member, we do our best to ensure that you will not have to return to the hospital after you leave. While we cannot prevent every fever in the home, we want to make sure that your child is unlikely to come back for jaundice, poor weight gain, or other common issues that happen in newborn babies.

How we are improving

Our team in the newborn nursery has designed the care of the babies born at CHoR to get your new family home as soon as is safely possible while watching out for common reasons that babies return to the hospital. We provide extensive breast feeding support, general parenting support, and monitor for early signs of jaundice.

Why it matters to our patients

It is difficult for a family to return to the hospital shortly after going home with your new baby. Even problems like jaundice that we can very easy to treat in the hospital are difficult for tired parents and can disrupt the bonding experience at home.

How we measure

The chart below shows the rate of readmission for babies born in our newborn nursery (each dot represents the percent of babies readmitted to the hospital for a single month, the black line shows the average readmission rate over time) and the decrease we have seen since roll-out of a new initiative in 2016 (lower is better).

Newborn nursery readmission rate graph