Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

Heart Center

Comprehensive heart care for kids 

Expert congenital heart care close to home

Your child's best heart care is just a beat way. Our team of cardiologists, fetal cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiac nurses are trained in the art and science of caring for children with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease. We will develop a tailored treatment plan to help your child thrive.



Meet the team

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Naser Abdelhadi, MD
Naser Abdelhadi MD Read more
Rachel Ashley, AGPCNP
Rachel Ashley AGPCNP Read more
Salim Aziz, MD
Salim Aziz MD Read more
Farin Bala, PA
Farin Bala PA Read more
Luke Balmer, AGPCNP
Luke Balmer AGPCNP Read more
Maya Barnes, PA
Maya Barnes PA Read more
Archer Baskerville, MD
Archer Baskerville MD Read more
Hem Bhardwaj, MD
Hem Bhardwaj MD Read more
Dilli Bhurtel, MD, MRCPCH
Dilli Bhurtel MD, MRCPCH Fetal cardiology
Read more
Wendy Bottinor, MD, MSCI
Wendy Bottinor MD, MSCI Read more
Shannon Brennan, AGPCNP
Shannon Brennan AGPCNP Read more
Christos Calaritis, CPC, CCC, FPP, B.Sc.
Christos Calaritis CPC, CCC, FPP, B.Sc. Cardiothoracic surgery
Read more
Jennifer Carlin, AGPCNP
Jennifer Carlin AGPCNP Read more
Kerri A Carter, MD
Kerri Carter MD Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
Fetal cardiology
Read more
Samuel L Casella, MD, MPH
Samuel Casella MD, MPH Cardiology
Interventional Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
Read more
Vasutakarn "Eve" Chongthammakun, MD, PhD, FACC
Vasutakarn "Eve" Chongthammakun MD, PhD, FACC Read more
Richard H Cooke, MD
Richard Cooke MD Read more
Elizabeth Curley, MSN
Elizabeth Curley MSN Cardiology Read more
Anna Czajka, MD
Anna Czajka MD Read more
Phillip Duncan, MD
Phillip Duncan MD Read more
George Eapen, MD
George Eapen MD Read more
Kenneth Ellenbogen, MD
Kenneth Ellenbogen MD Read more
Delia Endicott, ACNP
Delia Endicott ACNP Read more
Angela L. Erskine, FNP
Angela Erskine FNP Read more
Carly Fuller, PA
Carly Fuller PA Read more
James Gangemi, MD
James Gangemi MD Cardiothoracic surgery
Congenital heart disease
Read more
Zachary Gertz, MD
Zachary Gertz MD Read more
Victoria Green, FNP
Victoria Green FNP Read more
Scott D Gullquist, MD
Scott Gullquist MD Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
Read more
Kimberly Haberlin, FNP
Kimberly Haberlin FNP Read more
Blair Hagler, AGACNP
Blair Hagler AGACNP Read more
Michael Hainstock, MD
Michael Hainstock MD Cardiology Read more
Jessica Hallam, MSN, FNP
Jessica Hallam MSN, FNP Read more
William Harmon, MD
William Harmon MD Cardiology
Cardiothoracic surgery
Read more
Emily Holt, FNP
Emily Holt FNP Read more
Jose Huizar, MD
Jose Huizar MD Read more
Emily Hulburt Baker, AGACNP
Emily Hulburt Baker AGACNP Read more
W. Gregory Hundley (Greg), MD
W. Gregory Hundley (Greg) MD Read more
Christina Hunley, PA
Christina Hunley PA Read more
Sherly Jacob, MS, RN, NP-C
Sherly Jacob MS, RN, NP-C Cardiothoracic surgery
Chest wall
Read more
Mary Jarrett, FNP
Mary Jarrett FNP Read more
Gautham Kalahasty, MD
Gautham Kalahasty MD Read more
Michael Kelly, MD
Michael Kelly MD Read more
Zachary Kitchen, PA
Zachary Kitchen PA Read more
Jayanthi N Koneru, MD
Jayanthi Koneru MD Read more
Michael C Kontos, MD
Michael Kontos MD Read more
Jamie Krisher, AGACNP
Jamie Krisher AGACNP Read more
Jordana Kron, MD
Jordana Kron MD Read more
Barbara D Lawson, MD
Barbara Lawson MD Read more
Emily K. Leamman, ACNP
Emily Leamman ACNP Read more
Michael Lenhart, MD
Michael Lenhart MD Read more
Mohammed Makkiya, MD
Mohammed Makkiya MD Read more
Roshanak Markley, MD
Roshanak Markley MD Read more
Carolin Marzouk, FNP
Carolin Marzouk FNP Read more
Sherri Maters, MS, RN, CPN, NP-C
Sherri Maters MS, RN, CPN, NP-C Cardiothoracic surgery
Chest wall
Read more
Molly McAuliffe, AGACNP
Molly McAuliffe AGACNP Read more
Dorothy A McCormick, MSN, AGACNP, PCCN
Dorothy McCormick MSN, AGACNP, PCCN Read more
Tim McGranahan, ACNP
Tim McGranahan ACNP Read more
Bradford R McQuilkin, MD
Bradford McQuilkin MD Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
Read more
Alecia Mehra, AGACNP
Alecia Mehra AGACNP Read more
John Miller, CCP, CPC, PBMS, FPP
John Miller CCP, CPC, PBMS, FPP Cardiology
Cardiothoracic surgery
Read more
Cassaundra Minter, FNP
Cassaundra Minter FNP Read more
Sasa Mitrovic, AGACNP
Sasa Mitrovic AGACNP Read more
Naveed A Naz, MD
Naveed Naz MD Read more
Hamang Patel, MD
Hamang Patel MD Read more
Satish K Pathak, MD
Satish Pathak MD Read more
Mary Ann Peberdy, MD
Mary Ann Peberdy MD Read more
John R Phillips, MD
John Phillips MD Cardiology
Read more
Jonah Pozen, MD
Jonah Pozen MD Read more
Jordan Ralston, AGACNP
Jordan Ralston AGACNP Read more
Krishnasree Rao, MD
Krishnasree Rao MD Read more
Frank Raucci, MD, PhD
Frank Raucci MD, PhD Cardiology Read more
Andrew Reittinger, MD
Andrew Reittinger MD Cardiology Read more
Charlotte Roberts, ACNP
Charlotte Roberts ACNP Read more
Heidi Roschinger, DNP, APRN, FNP, HF-CERT, CHFN
Heidi Roschinger DNP, APRN, FNP, HF-CERT, CHFN Read more
Kristyn Rudisill, PA
Kristyn Rudisill PA Read more
Sarah Ruffin, AGPCNP
Sarah Ruffin AGPCNP Read more
Amy Rusnak, FNP
Amy Rusnak FNP Read more
Keyur B Shah, MD
Keyur Shah MD Read more
Sangeeta Shah, MD, FACC, FASE
Sangeeta Shah MD, FACC, FASE Read more
Richard Shepard, MD
Richard Shepard MD Read more
Melissa C Smallfield, MD
Melissa Smallfield MD Read more
Christopher Snyder, MD
Christopher Snyder MD Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
Read more
Beverly E Spencer, MD
Beverly Spencer MD Read more
Alexis Stevens
Alexis Stevens Cardiology Read more
Inna F Tchoukina, MD
Inna Tchoukina MD Read more
Deepak P Thomas, MD
Deepak Thomas MD Read more
Cory Trankle, MD
Cory Trankle MD Read more
Rachel Venable, AGPCNP
Rachel Venable AGPCNP Read more


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