Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

Support services

Supportive services for your child, your family…and you

We understand that the health care experience can be difficult - sometimes physically, emotionally and financially - for kids AND adults. That's why we offer services to support the whole family, not just address a specific illness.

Child life

Our child life team helps patients and families adjust to and cope with the hospital or clinical setting, illness or injury and the treatments involved.

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Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center

Our family navigators help you understand the mental health options available for children and can help you in finding therapists, psychiatrists or other appropriate services.

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Care Connection for children

Get the health care services, community support and resources you need for your children with special health care needs.

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Social work

Our social workers understand family concerns and provide assistance with many issues.

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Art and music therapy

Therapy provides your child with a creative outlet to express emotions, cope with pain and stress, and have fun in the health care setting.

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Recreation therapy

We encourage kids to participate in a variety of activities to enhance physical and cognitive abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

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Legal resources

We have a special team devoted to addressing legal issues that can impact your health and well being.

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Pastoral care

Whatever your faith or culture, our chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support for your child and family.

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Family advisory network and support

CHoR FAN is made up of parents and caregivers who meet once per month to tell us about their experiences.

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MOMENTS support group

This group is designed for caregivers of children with complex medical conditions.

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RMHC Sibling Center

If your child needs medical care and brothers or sisters need to tag along, be sure to take advantage of our Sibling Center.

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Hospital education

We have a group of certified hospital teachers who provide year-round educational services for patients ages two to 21.

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