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General pediatrics

Quality and safety initiative: General pediatrics

Flu shots

Influenza is a common reason for children to be hospitalized and, in rare cases, may be fatal. The influenza vaccine is the best way to reduce the risk of influenza infection. At CHoR, we are committed to offering the influenza vaccine to all patients and families.

How we are improving

Our general pediatric team uses the technology in the medical record along with motivational interviewing to ensure that every child who should receive the flu shot gets one. We keep track of which children were offered and received the flu shot to see what we can do to improve.

Why it matters to our patients

The flu can make children very sick leading to missed school, missed work for parents, and hospitalization for some children. At CHoR, we care for children with medical complexity and chronic diseases that put them at higher risk of getting seriously ill from the flu.

How we measure

We measure our flu vaccination rates, along with other childhood and adolescent immunizations in our clinically-integrated network, Virginia Children's Care Network.