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Host Your Own Special Event

Host your own special event

Thank you for your interest in organizing an event/fundraiser to benefit Children's Hospital Foundation. Please complete this application for review by the Foundation. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Deis at 804-228-5920 or

I. Contact Information

This event/fundraiser is being organized by:  *Contact Person  *Phone Number  *Email 

II. Event Information

Name of Event  *Description of Event  *Has this event been done before?  *Location of Event  *Date of Event  *Rain Date of Event (if applicable) Hours of Event  *Projected Attendance  *Is this event open to the public?  *Are there any other beneficiaries of the event?  *How did you hear about us?  *Do you plan to get sponsorships to support your event?  *

III. Financial Information

Estimated amount or percentage of net proceeds given to Children's Hospital Foundation:  *How will proceeds from the event be given to Children's Hospital Foundation?  *

Expected date net proceeds will be given to Children's Hospital Foundation:  *

IV. Publicity Information

Children's Hospital Foundation must review all materials that include our logo and/or name.
Please list your planned publicity/promotional activities and contact Sarah Irby at for additional support. 

V. Agreement of Responsibility

We agree to indemnify, make good, and hold Children's Hospital Foundation of Richmond, Virginia, harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, fines, costs, charges, including all attorney's fees and all other costs and expenses related to any legal action, judgments, and expenses arising from any alleged action or activity resulting from the efforts of our organization. This indemnity shall survive the termination of this agreement. I have read the Fundraising and Special Event's Policy and agree to its terms:  *Name of Person Agreeing to Terms  *Date  *