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Our Boards

Our Boards

Children's Hospital Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, including ex-officio non-voting members from Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, and our fundraising and advocacy efforts are supported by two additional Auxiliary Boards.

Foundation leadership

Children’s Hospital Foundation Officers
Mr. Coleman Wortham, III, Chairman
Mr. J. Richard Tashjian, Vice Chairman
Mrs. Lauren Zaller Moore, President and CEO

Voting Directors
Mrs. Heather H. Daniel
Mr. George C. Freeman, III
Mr. J. Richard Tashjian
Mrs. Erin Jewett
Mr. Henry L. Valentine, III
Mr. Coleman Wortham, III

Ex-Officio / Non-Voting Directors
Mrs. Laura M. Bland
Mrs. Deborah W. Davis, FACHE
Mr. Elias Neujahr
Mrs. Elaine S. Ryan
Karen D. Hendricks-Muñoz, MD, MPH
Mr. Paul Wesolowski

Our Auxiliary Boards

The Auxiliary Boards at Children’s Hospital Foundation play a vital role in fulfilling our mission. From their earliest inception—shortly after the original Children’s Hospital was founded in 1920—to the present, these active volunteers give generously of their time and talents to promote and advance the welfare of the Foundation and the children it serves.

All fundraising and advocacy efforts provided by our Auxiliary Boards—the Senior Board and Junior Board—benefit Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Senior Board

The Senior Board supports the Foundation through a variety of community fundraising events, such as the Words & Wisdom and the Change for Children Program. The Senior Board also manages the Sunshine Gift Shop at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s Brook Road Campus.

Junior Board

Organized in 1933, the Junior Board of Children’s Hospital Foundation works to support the children served by Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. The highlight of the Junior Board’s fundraising year is the annual Children’s Hospital Foundation Ball.