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Our team

Lauren Zaller Moore

President and CEO

O: 804-228-5814

M: 804-398-0156


Stephanie Allan

Vice President for Community Development

O: 804-228-5827

M: 804-971-0816

Carrie Bickford

Vice President for Development

O: 804-827-1850

M: 804-937-3540

Wendy Bondeson

Advancement Coordinator

C: 804-971-0818

Matt Brady

Vice President for Communications and Donor Relations

O: 804-249-8633

M: 804-614-7513

Rachel Bruni

Executive Director, Cause Marketing and Retail Fundraising

O: 804-228-5929

M: 804-218-7448

Craig Bruno

Advancement Manager

M: 804-655-1920

Vaughan Clark

Special Events Coordinator

O: 804.927.2803

Mary Ann Coyle

Director of Advancement Services

C: 804-972-2031

Sarah Irby Deis

Community Relations Manager

O: 804-228-5920

M: 804-929-7356

Jim Deyarmin


O: 804-228-5207

M: 804-971-0323

Leah Downey

Board Relations Coordinator

M: 804-972-2803

Laura Dwyer

Corporate Partnerships Manager

O: 804-228-5927

M: 804-971-0461

Amy Dickstein Enoch

Fundraising Operations and Program Manager

O: 804-228-5934

M: 804-218-6212

Alexis Feria

Communications Specialist

M: 804-972-2645

Blake MacIver

Vice President for Advancement Services & Operations

M: 804-516-5294

Robin Newton

Executive Assistant & Board Relations Manager

M: 804-370-0405

O: 804-228-5826

Susan Norkus

Donor Stewardship Manager

M: 919-741-0586

Kathie Spraggins

Development Coordinator

O: 804-827-0565

Emily Toalson

Director of Major Gifts

O: 804-827-4448

Anita Uliasz

Financial Analyst

O: 804.827.4060