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Shirley Nunlist, MD Shirley Nunlist, MD

University of Kentucky COM

Hi! I'm Shirley Nunlist and I am one of the new VCU Pediatric Interns! I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, though in my quest to avoid any longer winters than I grew up with have been migrating southward, first across the river to Lexington Kentucky for medical school, and now to Richmond for residency! I have absolutely loved it here so far, even with the covid restrictions. In my free time, what I love most is to get outdoors, and there are so many amazing places for that here. I've become a regular on the Capitol Bike trail (including riding after getting off my night shift for some beautiful 7 am rides), Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Pocahontas State Park, and of course walking my own neighborhood in Midlothian.

On my list of fun facts, I have assisted with the ultrasound for a pregnant red panda, swum with pink dolphins in the Amazon River, and flown on a reproduction Wright Brother's 1903 Flier. My skills include random historical/zoological factoids, sometimes finding cool things in my telescope, and drawing (not necessarily that well, but that isn't stopping me).

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