Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Children’s Tower birthday wishes

Celebrating the biggest 1-year-old in town – the Children’s Tower!

The Children's Tower's first birthdayApril 30, 2024 marks one year since we opened the doors to the new Children’s Tower and 104 years of care across CHoR. That’s something to celebrate!

Whether you’re a parent, donor, kid, team member, pediatrician or an excited member of our community – join us in celebrating an unbelievable year by signing our birthday card! We’ll randomly select a few signers to receive a CHoR birthday prize pack.

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Would you like to sign the Children's Tower birthday card?

Happy Birthday Shamayle Jenkins
Thanks for all you do for children and families in the RVA area! Our quality of life is so much better with you in it. So glad to celebrate! Liz Burnett CHOR FAN
It’s been a great experience to have been a member of CHoR FAN and see the hospital open to give families an improved experience! Kristy Budny
Happy Birthday CHoR! Jacob Durbin
What a wonderful resource the new tower has been for families! I am so grateful to have been a part of process. Sarah Johnson, CHoR FAN
Happy 1st Birthday, Children's Tower! Such an amazing accomplishment! Jessica Stewart-Collins
I'm so proud to have you as an example of children's health and well-being standing proudly in the heart of our community. Emily Griffe Ewees, CHOR Fan
Happy 1 year anniversary to the best place in the world for children's neurosurgical care! Shea Wright
We love you, Children's Tower! You make our kiddos smile, and that makes us smile too. Happy birthday! Jenna Richard
Happy 1st Birthday!!!!! Ireatha Barber
Happy 1st birthday children's tower! What a magical year it has been.You are beacon of hope and opportunity for patients, staff and families Cathy Van Drew
Happy birthday to a place I call my second home and family. Kelly Strickler, RN
Happy 1 year anniversary to the best place of hope for children in Virginia! Debra Hearington
Happy 1st birthday to the Children’s Tower! Thank you, Children’s Hospital of Richmond for taking care of my baby girl! Brooke Johnson
Happy Birthday, Children's Tower! The few unfortunate times we have had to visit — you guys have taken excellent care of us! Tiera Hardin
Working at CHoR has been a dream come true! As my first nursing job, I felt so supported by my coworkers and love being a part of this team! Ashley Rozario
Happy birthday CHoR! You make it a better place for the kids! Hayli Wagner
Happy Birthday CHoR! We appreciate the entire staff for continuously taking care of our family! Kernika McCray
Happy birthday! I can't wait to see the great things you'll do in RVA! Quiomara Melendez
I wish for many great years to come in the chor tower Shanice Chapman
Happy Birthday !! Megan Mawby
Happy One Year! Jesse Settle
Happy 1st Birthday to the Children's Tower! What a vision brought to life for our RVA community. Sheryl Carro
Happy Birthday CHOR! We will be forever grateful for the care the doctors and nurses gave us there. Beverly Varner
Happy Birthday CHoR ! You have treated my children since their own birthdays’. We love and appreciate you. Keona Carico
Happy birthday to the best place of work! Love you CHOR! Caitlin Szalay, RN
Happy 1st Birthday to the place that changed my life forever! The care my child received while in the PICU was remarkable. I am so thankful! Kavon Brown
Happy 1st birthday CHoR!!! I am proud of all the work you have done to care for our patients and look forward to continuing to serve you! Dr. Marcelle Davis
Happy birthday CHoR & ACP 12!! GO TURTLES Gracie H
Happy First Birthday! Thank you for serving the Richmond Community! Yasmin John
We love y’all Jasmine johnson
Thank you to all of our team members for an UNBELIEVABLE year! Jeniece Roane
I miss Richmond 😢 Happy Birthday and continue to do great things! Kelly Leonard
Thank you for everything you’re doing for the children and families of our community. Jacqueline Rogers
Happy birthday CHoR! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible organization and the best place to work! Nicole Taylor
Happy Birthday!!! The new tower is amazing. We love travelling the hallways to see what fun, new items are on display. Ebonie Grant
ONE for the kids! 🩷💚💙💛 Kelsey Clay
Thank you for providing love, care, and healing to countless little ones. Here's to many more years of spreading joy and hope! Tammy Wheeler
Happy Birthday CHOR Tower! We watched you”grow” and even had a spontaneous visit. Richmond is lucky to have you! Leslie Garland
I am extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing team and also as a parent. Congrats on an amazing year and here is to many more! Scott Clark
Happy Birthday!! Wow! Has it been a year already! We are so thankful for the tower! Melissa Clark
Congratulations on a year of growth & outstanding patient-focused care! Cville Sock Love
Happy 1st birthday to the to new tower! It has been an unimaginably great gift to our patients, families, and CHoR team! Ellen Derry
Happy 1 year!!! Thank you for being everything we needed! Natalie Sorensen
Happy Birthday CHOR!! Ann Roper
Happy Birthday! Alex Robinson
Happy 1st birthday CHoR! We are so thankful for the care we have received and the hospital is beautiful in every way! Keep shining! Kristi & Paige Marshall
Happy 1st Birthday CHoR! Angela Moss
Congratulations and Happy Birthday, CHOR Tower!!! Michelle Legg
Happy Birthday CHoR! Wouldn't want to be a part of any other team. Abby
Happy birthday! Thank you for creating and fostering a caring family of medical excellence in our community. Jennifer Christensen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF RICHMOND! I have been very happy and proud to work here and see this become a reality!! Robert Norton
Many reasons to celebrate! Congratulations to everyone at CHOR! Khanh Burks
Happy Birthday CHoR!!! Sarah Hutchison
Happy First Birthday - what an amazing year it's been! Excited to be a part of what this next year will hold! Vaughan Clark
Happy Birthday, CHoR Tower! So blessed to work here! It’s all about the kiddos and their families! Thanks for a wonderful year! Emily Arrington
Congratulations on one year! You are providing an invaluable service to area children. Including my family Heidi Arthur
Thank you CHOR! Carter Woody
You have been nothing but a blessing to our family!!!! Nikki Shanko
Time flies! Congrats on one year. You continue to impact so many lives and inspire us all! Tyler Agee
Happy Birthday CHoR Tower! Chrissy Kuykendall
Happy Birthday to the vcu children’s hospital! My daughter received excellent care Krista Oakes
Grateful for your presence in our community, Wonder Humans! Thank you for the outstanding care y'all provide to our youngest warriors. Kelly Eichfeld
Happy Birthday!! We’ve spent many nights with our son here! Julie Berrios
CHoR saved the day when my son was born. Carter
Happy birthday to one of the greatest gifts to RVA for the real heroes of the world! ❤️ Ashley Stigall
Happy 1st Birthday CHoR Tower!! As a team member and parent, I couldn’t be more proud of the work this team does to very day. Marianne
Happy First Birthday! Justin Truitt
Happy Birthday CHoR! Best wishes for another century of providing world class care in Richmond! Emily Toalson
Happy Birthday!! It’s been an honor to see the transition process as a volunteer from main 7, to move in day, to where you are now! Caitlin Sargeant
Happy 1 year!! Thank you for all you guys do for my child. Beth Stell
Happy Birthday Children's Tower! And what an UNbelievably incredible year it has been! With many, many more to come!! Debbie Trammell
Celebrating CHoR's first birthday! Your remarkable team has achieved so much in a short time, setting a shining example for children's care. Lauren Hunter
So happy to be a part of this team! Madison Broga
Happy first birthday, CHoR! Your presence has been a source of inspiration and hope for families like ours. Lauren Hunter
Happy birthday! Here's another amazing 100 years! Claudia Brookman
For all the families you have helped and will continue to help, on your birthday and every day, we celebrate YOU! Amy Enoch
Happy birthday! Here's to many more of helping and healing brave kiddos! Caroline McClain
Happy Birthday! It has been an amazing first year and I'm looking to forward to seeing all that is to come! Jessica Kalista
Happy 1st Birthday! As one of the first CMN Hospitals over 25 years ago, you have grown so much to help families in our community! Laura Dwyer
I am very grateful to all of those on our team who have made this commitment to our children a reality. Michael Rao, VCU President
Happy 1st Birthday to the Children's Tower!!! Kishah White
Happy 1st birthday, CHoR Tower! Y'all are the best & RVA is incredibly lucky to have you! Carissa Etters
Happy 1st birthday to the Children's Tower & thank you to entire CHoR team for making it the unmatched experience that it is. Marlon Levy, MD, MBA
Happiest first Birthday for all kids Karen Hendricks Munoz
What an unbelievable year of significant accomplishments, healing and compassion! Our kids and team members inspire us to dream big – together we are unstoppable! Elias Neujahr
Thank you to our patients, families, staff and donors for making the tower possible. It has been an incredible year working in the tower! Matt Schefft
One unbelievably awesome year! What a difference this space is making for kids and families. Happy birthday, Children's Tower! Kate Marino
Happy birthday Children's Tower! This year was just the beginning... Matt Brady
Happy Birthday, Children's Tower! Thank you to the team who does amazing things here each and every day for our patients and families! Karis Cha
Happy birthday, CHoR Tower! Looking forward to many more incredible years. Liz Peterson
Happy Birthday!! The Wonder Tower has had an amazing first year and more to come!! David Lanning
My how fast they grow up! What a remarkable first year for our community, our patients, our teams. Dr. Shari Barkin
Happy Birthday CHoR!! Leah Downey
Happy birthday CHoR Children's Tower! Proud to be on the team that saw it come to life!! Jorge Salgado
Happy 104th Birthday to CHoR, and Happy 1st Anniversary to our community's new Children's Tower - a source of hope and healing for so many! Rachel Bruni
What a WONDERful year it has been! Happy Birthday! Carrie Bickford
Happy Birthday CHOR!!!’ Tony Herndon
Happy 1st birthday to the unbelievably awesome Children's Tower! Caroline Ward
It's been a wonderful year! Looking to enjoy many more. Truly an awesome place to work! Dean Bulman
Happiest of Birthdays, with many exciting wishes of years of excellence to come!! Stacy White
Happy 1st Birthday to Children's Tower and Happy 104th Birthday to Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU Regena Mayo
Happy birthday and congratulations to the team at the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU on a wonderful and impactful first year! Mary Kate Brogan
Happy 1st birthday and many more! Malorie Burkett
Here's to celebrating another year of accomplishments. Happy anniversary to the Children's Tower! Wendy Bondeson
Happy birthday to CHoR! Where hope, healing, and impact are felt every day. Lauren Moore, Your biggest fan!
Happy Birthday! It's been an amazing first year! Looking forward to all we will do in the many years to come! Blake MacIver
Happy Birthday, Children's Tower! Mary Ann Coyle
Looking forward to many many more years of keeping kids healthy and happy! Kathie Spraggins
Happy birthday!!! Eva Russo
Here's to an unbelievable first year! I'm proud to be a part of such a caring and selfless organization. Let's celebrate! Ryan Knight
Hooray for one amazing year! Payton Hardinge
Happy Birthday to CHoR! You are serving children and families well! Richmond is lucky to have you! Lisa Brown
Happy birthday and cheers to many more unforgettable birthdays! Destiny Lee
You might not know when – but you'll always know where! So proud to have this incredible hospital and team in Richmond <3 Happy 1st birthday! Shira Elizabeth