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A healthy, vibrant Rose for Valentine’s Day
February 11, 2021
A healthy, vibrant Rose for Valentine’s Day

    Following open-heart surgery, Rose is healthy and vibrant this Valentine’s Day

    cardiology patient RoseLast Heart Month, Rose Taylor was rolling over, standing, babbling, laughing and working on sitting up on her own just a few months after open-heart surgery. Now, she’s had a full year to heal and grow. She’s been perfecting her skills and learning some new ones, including running and eating!

    From a scary diagnosis in utero to surgery on her tiny heart, Rose has had quite a journey.

    While her mom was pregnant, Rose was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries, meaning the two main arteries leaving her heart were reversed. Our team worked with the family to develop a coordinated plan for a safe delivery, surgery and subsequent care.

    “All of this information was a lot to take in and understand,” said Rose’s mom. “When she was born and I heard her beautiful cry, I completely forgot that she wasn’t a healthy baby.”

    Today, Rose is healthy – and happy – at almost 2 years old.

    “She has so much personality and attitude, and she loves eating! If you tell her it’s dinner time, she comes running. This little girl will eat anything you put in front of her,” Mom added with a laugh.

    Rose follows up with her cardiologist Dr. Joanna Rosenthal every six months and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Tom Yeh annually to make sure her mended heart continues working as it should.

    At our Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center, Rose’s family found the hope and care they needed, close to home. And they would do it again in a heartbeat.

    With the knowledge and compassion to care for kids with even the rarest heart conditions – and their families – our experts are leaders in mending little hearts and sparing big ones.

    Meet our other heart heroes and learn about our pediatric heart center team.

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