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Children's Hospital Foundation Heart Center

Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center: Full-service pediatric cardiology and heart surgery

Expert, compassionate heart care close to home

pediatric cardiologists performing heart care surgeryCompassionate, internationally renowned experts are right around the corner at CHoR. Our pediatric heart center team of cardiologists, fetal cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and nurses have the unrivaled expertise to make a diagnosis and develop a tailored treatment plan to help your child thrive.

At our heart care center, patients and families can receive their care right in the heart of Central Virginia. With prestigious awards like Gold Level ELSO Award for Excellence in Life Support from the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), our pediatric cardiologists deliver expert heart care for even the tiniest hearts.

Our heart center at a glance

  • It’s easy to find a pediatric cardiologist near you: We offer many clinics throughout Richmond and Central Virginia to make getting access to care easy. We also coordinate with community hospitals around the Virginia region, using our pediatric transport system to bring the most critically ill children here for treatment.
  • Only full-service heart center in central Virginia: CHoR's multiple specialists have come together as a multi-disciplinary team to optimize patient care. We want to ensure that children with heart disease receive the care they need to thrive into adulthood.
  • Expert pediatric heart specialists: Everyone is specially trained to deliver precision heart care for even the youngest and tiniest hearts.
  • Second opinions: Our pediatric cardiologists offer a second opinion to help you feel comfortable about your child’s diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Inpatient support from expert, compassionate teams: Our NICU and PICU nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists and other team members are specially trained to provide the delicate care needed after heart surgery or during ECMO.

Care for every heart condition

Whether your child is born with a congenital heart defect or heart problems develop in the following years, trust our expert cardiac specialists to develop the best care plan. We care for children with a range of conditions, from common heart conditions to the most complex cardiac care, including:

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Cardiology treatment programs

With every case, we aim to develop a tailored care heart care plan using the least-invasive treatments, doing our best to get your child back to the important job of just being a kid. 

Our integrated heart center provides comprehensive cardiac care including:

Pictured: Dr. Yeh

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Non-invasive cardiac imaging and testing

Our team has specific expertise in non-invasive cardiac imaging, including MRI, CT and echocardiography. We’re also researching 4-dimensional flow MRI and other innovative and kid-friendly ways to get the most precise and thorough images possible using the latest technology.

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