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Children's Hospital Foundation Heart Center

Navigating heart care

We understand that this can be a stressful time. Our team is here to surround and care for your family. Beginning with diagnosis, our nurse practitioners will guide you through the process of scheduling appointments and procedures and provide the information you need to make important decisions for your family. We’re here to answer your questions, big and small, with a commitment to providing exceptional care every step of the way.

Jin Lee
Jin Lee MD Cardiology Read more
Thomas Yeh
Thomas Yeh MD, PhD, FACS Cardiothoracic surgery, Chest wall, Cardiology Read more
Kerri Carter
Kerri Carter MD, FAAP Cardiology, Fetal cardiology Read more
Scott Gullquist
Scott Gullquist MD Cardiology, Muscular Dystrophy Clinic, Fetal cardiology Read more
Bradford McQuilkin
Bradford McQuilkin MD Cardiology Read more
Joanna Rosenthal
Joanna Rosenthal MD Cardiology, Fetal cardiology Read more

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