Wonders within: Dr. Clifton Lee
July 21, 2022
CHoR's Dr. Clifton Lee smiling with hands on hips

    Guiding families through inpatient stays

    Dr. Cliff Lee wonders within ad“I like to see myself not only as a doctor but also as a guide,” said Dr. Clifton Lee, professor, co-director – M3 Pediatric Clerkship, fellowship directorPediatric Hospital Medicine. “To guide families through their hospital stays so they know exactly what happened to their child and what to do when they go home.”

    As a pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Lee focuses on caring for kids while they’re in the hospital. A graduate of VCU School of Medicine, Dr. Lee also completed his residency training at CHoR and currently coordinates education for medical students, something he calls a “lifelong goal.”

    “I think it’s important to learn about different pathology and know how to take care of children in the hospital,” said Dr. Lee. “Another facet that’s important is to learn how to speak to families and children because what you say and how you say it are just as important as what medicines to give and what tests to run.”

    For Dr. Lee, communicating and interacting with patients is one of the best parts of his job. He enjoys getting to know his patients and makes a point of stopping by their rooms in the afternoons just to talk. During one of these visits with a young patient, Dr. Lee discovered a mutual affinity for the popular boy band, BTS.

    “I promised her that if she had a good stay, I would listen to one of her favorite songs, and she did so I kept my promise,” said Dr. Lee. “I think her parents were surprised to see me listening to a BTS song with their daughter.”

    New Children’s Tower fosters collaborative care

    With the opening of the new Children’s Tower, communication between team members will be enhanced through team collaboration spaces and its adjacency to our outpatient clinics in the Children’s Pavilion. These team members include physicians and nurses as well as child life specialists, social workers, physical, occupational and speech therapists, medical translators and many others.

    For patients and families, the private rooms will provide a space to call their own while at the hospital. Parents also will have access to workspaces and a gym while patients can enjoy the indoor garden and playrooms, including spaces specifically for adolescents and young adults, when they’re ready to venture out of their rooms.

    “Being in the hospital is stressful,” said Dr. Lee. “Children are a very resilient group, but it’s important to realize that children are children. When they’re well enough, it’s good to have some fun while they’re here.”

    We know our teams can provide the best care when they are in an environment that supports collaboration and open communication. Our workspaces are consciously designed for team members of all disciplines to work together, and we've built additional space to support medical students, residents and fellows.

    Discover more about the new Children’s Tower set to open in spring 2023.

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