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Language services

We offer free interpreter services

We believe that all families deserve access to the right people and technologies that can help them communicate about their child’s medical care. We offer free language resources for patients and families who have limited English proficiency or other communication needs.

What resources are available at CHoR?

  • Trained language interpreters: Free interpreters are available to help your child, your family and your child’s provider communicate in your preferred language. We have team members to assist patients in Spanish, French, Arabic and other languages.
  • Video and audio language technology: A two-handset telephone and iPad for video remote interpreting are also available to assist patients and their families.
  • Trained sign language (ASL) interpreters: Remote video interpreting and on-site interpreters are available. All interpreters are qualified through the National Association for the Deaf and screened through the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • Combination text telephone (TTY) and amplified phones: These phones allow people who are deaf, hard of hearing or cannot speak to make voice carry over and/or hearing carry over calls as well as relay calls.
  • Language cards: Cards with pictures and signs for basic, survival and health needs are available, including for ASL.

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

Our trained interpreters will communicate directly with your child, your family and your provider using your preferred language. During the appointment they will be available, either in person, over the phone or by video, to help communicate clearly. A translator primarily deals with the written word and translates important documents for you to understand diagnosis, treatment options and more. If your child’s provider gives you a document in English, ask if they have this translated in your preferred language.

How do I get an interpreter?

Most interpreters will be directly requested through your provider.

  • You can also let us know you’ll need interpreter services when scheduling your child’s appointment online or by phone 
  • If you arrive at one of our locations and need assistance, tell a staff member that you need an interpreter.

If you have questions, please contact our Office of Communication and Language Services at

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