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Top in urology care: Greyson’s story
June 15, 2020
Top in urology care: Greyson’s story

    The swelling in Greyson’s kidneys (hydronephrosis) was discovered before he was even born.

    Our urology team has monitored his kidneys since his birth in 2013. His condition can often resolve on its own, but when he developed kidney stones, it became evident that he would need surgery.

    top in pediatric urology Greyson and his parents met Dr. Tony Herndon who specializes in this surgery using robotics and were immediately put at ease with his calming, yet straightforward approach. Dr. Herndon used a surgical robot to remove the stones and correct Greyson’s ureter to help prevent future issues. The robotic approach meant less pain and scarring and a quicker recovery – which was perfect for this active, playful 5-year-old. Knowing that their surgeon was using the most advanced technology was encouraging for mom and dad too.

    “We were very well taken care of – not just Greyson, but us as the parents too,” said Greyson’s mom, Jessica. “We were reassured and informed throughout the whole process leading up to diagnosis, preparing for surgery, and afterwards in the hospital and continuing follow-up.”

    Now, Greyson is back to doing all his favorite things – playing soccer, running, dressing up in his favorite costumes, learning to read, catching frogs, digging for worms and chatting with the neighbors. You might also find him enjoying hot dogs, spaghetti and meatballs or chicken tenders and fries, followed by a hearty helping of dessert. He has a huge sweet tooth!

    “As a parent, it is comforting knowing that the doctors who are diagnosing and treating my son are some of the best available. One word comes to mind and that is trust,” added Jessica.

    This is music to Dr. Herndon’s ears, as he and his team work hard to ensure trust and comfort for every family.

    “This ranking represents the culmination of a strategic initiative to ensure we deliver the highest quality care to all patients – regardless of race, gender or financial ability,” said Dr. Herndon, chief of the Division of Urology and co-surgeon-in-chief for CHoR. “It also signifies a purpose-driven approach and commitment to excellence that is uniformly shared by our entire team. This includes not only our division of urology but transcends other departments including nephrology, radiology, maternal-fetal medicine and general pediatrics.”

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