September Calendar Kid: Triniti takes on kindergarten
September 12, 2022
CHoR calendar kid Triniti smiling while watering flowers

    Pediatric therapy – building skills to overcome cerebral palsy through play

    Every week, Triniti comes to our Bon Air Therapy Center to paint, play and have dance parties. Her therapists are specialists in making the hard work of building strength and skills extra fun – though Triniti’s sweet sassiness adds to the joy. And, with their help she was ready to roll as she started kindergarten last month!

    Triniti was originally diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia – or PVL – when she was four weeks old. PVL occurs when brain tissue has been injured or died due to lack of blood flow to the brain before, during or after birth and can lead to problems with development. Then in 2019, she received an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She came for a speech evaluation and her CHoR story began.

    Dolls and dancing help with Triniti’s development

    Maggie Altieri, Triniti’s speech therapist, has loved working to help her grow and develop ever since.

    “Triniti has a smile that takes over her entire face, particularly when she’s being mischievous or trying to avoid non-preferred activities by being silly,” said Maggie.

    Triniti’s preferred activities include playing with dolls; getting messy with things like water, paint and Play-Doh; and having dance parties, especially to hip hop from the early 2000s.

    “She loves music and will shout ‘turn it up!’ when her favorite songs come on,” added Maggie. “Hearing her sing along after struggling to talk for so long is really awesome.”

    Occupational therapist Mary Williamson takes part in the dance parties too, working with Triniti on propelling her wheelchair or stepping in her gait trainer. Mary also focuses therapy sessions on helping Triniti with her activities of daily living, an essential part of getting ready for for kindergarten.

    “Triniti has made a lot of gains. She’s improved the ability to extend her arms, and to grasp and manipulate items. She can hold a utensil to color and paint, and open and close containers,” said Mary. “She has also improved her ability to move around her environment, either by rolling on the floor, or scooting forward on her belly. She recently moved up from a stroller to a manual wheelchair, and she’s been working on propelling herself.”

    Using this new wheelchair will be key to Triniti exploring and moving about her new classroom at school.

    Finding her voice and preparing to make new friends

    Triniti’s mom, Quierra, is grateful for the “awesome” care the therapists have provided. Beyond the tangible skills Triniti has gained with Maggie, Mary and the rest of her CHoR team – including through telehealth therapy sessions during the pandemic – she’s developed confidence that will undoubtedly serve her well.

    “She’s funny, joyful, active and really friendly. She loves talking to people and people talking to her,” said Quierra of her only child. “I’m really proud of her determination.”

    CHoR Calendar Kid Triniti smiling in her school clothesMaggie and Mary agree that Triniti is full of life and ready to take on the new opportunities that lie ahead.

    “Triniti has a huge personality with an infectious giggle! She has truly found her voice over this last year and now very confidently asserts her thoughts and ideas. I know she’ll thrive being around other kids in kindergarten and keep her teachers smiling,” said Maggie.

    Mary added, “She has a smile that lights up not only the room, but our whole clinic. I hope she makes a ton of new friends at school and lets her big personality shine.”

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