One year later: Look at Kai’Ayshia now
February 14, 2017
One year later: Look at Kai’Ayshia now

    It’s been nearly a year since Kai’Ayshia Johnson’s last surgery. In that time the bright and cheerful child started school and celebrated her fifth birthday – two milestones for which she and her family are tremendously grateful.

    Kai’Ayshia still comes to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) for monthly check-ups with her specialists and takes medicine to keep her clotting under control. Thankfully, these days she spends the majority of her time doing the things she loves most – dancing, playing, shopping with Mommy and making friends wherever she goes. The little girl who overcame all odds and woke up requesting ice cream for breakfast surely enjoys a healthy share of frozen treats as well!

    “Her being happy is a blessing,” says Kai’Ayshia’s mother, Kimberly, who credits the support of family, friends and her daughter’s team at CHoR for helping them get to this point. “When it comes down to the kids, they’re there like family,” she adds of the CHoR team. “You’ll be down one moment, but they just give you so much hope.”

    Colonial Heights Mayor Gregory Kochuba took note of Kai’Ayshia’s remarkable journey as well. Kochuba gave her a coin to the city, a recent tradition honoring an outstanding resident. Kai’Ayshia is the youngest coin recipient to date and her mother could not be more proud.

    The team at CHoR is grateful for the opportunity to help children like Kai’Ayshia thrive. Wishing you a happy and heart-healthy Valentine’s Day!

    Read Kai’Ayshia’s full story.


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