Meet Tyran, our January 2017 Calendar Kid
January 30, 2017
Meet Tyran, our January 2017 Calendar Kid

    “A very loving 4-year-old ninja” is how Rochelle Welton describes her son Tyran, our January 2017 Calendar Kid.

    Tyran likes to pretend he’s a superhero, especially a Ninja Turtle, and he has big plans for becoming a superhero when he grows up. When he’s not outside running around and practicing his superhero skills, he enjoys spending time with his 11-year-old big brother, Tyree, playing on his tablet, wrestling and watching movies.

    Tyran’s family lives in Richmond’s Northside and he and his brother have been coming to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU for well-child check-ups since birth. “My family has always used VCU,” Rochelle says. “They have the best care for their patients.”

    What Rochelle likes best about our new Children’s Pavilion, where they now come for their check-ups, is the ease of getting in and out when they come for appointments. She also appreciates being asked ahead of time if they need any accommodations – like height-adjustable tables or other special assistance a child or family might need for appointments.

    Tyran was photographed for a calendar article about healthy eating and healthy shopping. Like many children, he tends to be a picky eater and Rochelle is focusing on trying to make sure he tries new things and develops healthier eating habits. Articles like the one Tyran is pictured with are one of many ways we share information to help parents achieve healthier lifestyles for their families.

    And Tyran is off to a great start in this regard. Adding salad, pears and peaches to his list of healthy favorites, he’s working on developing the strong, healthy body required of a superhero ninja and also setting a great example for other young superheroes-in-training in our area.

    The “Meet our Calendar Kids” blog series highlights children featured in CHoR’s Tid*Bits calendar. Join our mailing list to receive future issues of the Tid*Bits calendar and newsletters. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Tyran, our featured patient for January 2017.

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