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December Calendar Kid: Cover spreads sweetness in all circumstances
December 04, 2023
CHoR calendar kid Cover sitting at a school desk

    Cover (pronounced like over with a k) was diagnosed in utero with two chromosomal anomalies. Both are rare conditions – together they make up a perfect girl, and the light of her parents’ lives.

    Unique needs call for the pediatric expertise found at CHoR

    Cover needs care from multiple specialists for health concerns related to an unbalanced translocation resulting in a partial deletion of her chromosome 9 and a partial trisomy of chromosome 5. Her parents have found many of these providers are right here at CHoR, beginning with Dr. Tony Herndon and nurse practitioner Jenna Brand on our nationally ranked urology team.

    “The pediatric urology team has provided outstanding care of Cover for many years. Every member of the team is very personable, welcoming us with big smiles and devoted attention at each visit,” said Cover’s parents, Thomas and Amanda.

    Collaboration among pediatric specialists facilitates the best care for Cover

    “We collaborated with colleagues in GI to develop a multidisciplinary approach and individualized treatment plan for Cover, following her cues for readiness and cognitive abilities,” said Jenna about the personalized approach to Cover’s care.

    Her GI care has been led by Dr. Flora Szabo. Cover also sees ophthalmologist Dr. Evan Silverstein at CHoR and OBGYN Dr. Nicole Karjane at VCU Health. She has grown quite fond of many of her nurses too – Ann, Dominique, Quadasha, Deneisha, Keikei and Eberlin to name a few.

    "We are incredibly blessed to be in Richmond where we have access to gifted doctors who are experts in their respective fields, provide loving care and are attentive to both the patient’s and the parents’ needs,” said Thomas and Amanda. “It is beneficial to be part of a network where we can collaborate together as a team to treat Cover’s whole person and provide the best care possible.”

    Happy and kind through it all

    Cover is known above all else for her lovable personality.

    “Cover has such a positive, happy spirit! And great parental support and resources that helped make her progress a success,” added Jenna.

    She turned 13 over the summer and continues to blossom with a growing sense of self and independence. She’s happiest when she’s with her family, friends and pets – and vice versa! Cover also loves playing cards and board games, looking through picture albums, playing at the park and using her iPad.

    “Despite having undergone eight surgeries, countless doctor appointments and therapies, she remains resilient and never complains. She faces every new chapter head-on with strength and grace,” said Mom and Dad. “We adore her kind heart and are immensely proud of the young woman she has become. We will continue to advocate for her, support her and encourage her to reach her fullest potential.”

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