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Neuromuscular program

Leaders in neuromuscular care, right here in Richmond

Children with neuromuscular disease have access to the region’s largest team of specialists, latest treatments and clinical trials – right here in Richmond. Our patients often need coordinated care for their brain, heart, lung and bone health; therapy to address muscle strength, speech and mobility; and educational support to assist with school and learning. We are here to help your infant, child or teen succeed to be their best, and to join other patients and families in finding cures. 

We’re proud to hold the following distinctions – not for the shiny awards – but for what these designations mean for our families:

Muscular Dystrophy Associate (MDA) Care Center: Recognition for expert clinical care and medical research

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) Duchenne Care Center: Among an elite group of centers recognized for outstanding neuromuscular programs

Cure SMA Care Center Network: Expanding access to approved SMA treatments including Spinraza and Zolegensma

Thank you for allowing us to be your home for neuromuscular care.

Caring for every neuromuscular need

We care for every neuromuscular disease, including:

  • Muscular dystrophy including Duchenne, myotonic and limb girdle muscular dystrophies
  • Congenital muscular dystrophies
  • Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Friedreich’s ataxia

Access to the latest treatments and trials

Our experts are conducting numerous clinical trials in specific neuromuscular diseases, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy, myotonic dystrophy and SMA. Search for an active VCU study.

Visit to find studies nationwide.

Multidisciplinary care: A team for your family

We bring together experts from a variety of specialties to ensure the right doctors, therapists and other providers are caring for your child. The team collaborates to provide coordinated, individualized care for your child’s specific needs.


Our pediatric neuromuscular specialists, Dr. Amy Harper, Dr. Nicholas Johnson and Dr. Mathula Thangarajh guide the care team, beginning with conducting testing for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Testing may include nerve conduction tests, EMGs, MRIs, muscle biopsies and state-of-the-art genetic testing.

Heart center

Because neuromuscular conditions can impact the heart, we test for deterioration, weakness and other impacts to the heart and cardiovascular system. Our team has specific expertise in non-invasive cardiac imaging, including MRI, echocardiography and EKG. We’re also researching 4-dimensional flow MRI and other innovative and kid-friendly ways to get the most precise and thorough images possible using the latest technology. We work with children and families to assess and manage changes that may occur over time.


Pulmonologists perform pulmonary function testing to assess the lungs and muscles involved in helping your child breathe efficiently and effectively and recommend tools or devices to help as needed. They also conduct sleep studies to address any issues or concerns with sleeping.

Orthopaedic surgery

Our neurologists collaborate with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Victoria Kuester for imaging to help with making an accurate diagnosis and care plan.


Dr. Mareen Thomas from our endocrinology team may conduct a DEXA scan, a special and precise type of x-ray, to measure bone mineral density. She works closely with dietitians for nutrition and treatment to enhance bone health.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Drs. Eugenio Monasterio and Olivier Rolin focus on cognitive skills and physical mobility to help your child maintain as much independence as possible.

Therapy services

From maintaining motion, mobility and independence to gaining new skills, speech and physical therapy are critical (and often fun!) parts of your child’s treatment. The therapists provide functional testing, equipment evaluations, feeding and language assessments, and assistive technology consultations. An orthotist (bracing) and equipment specialist also join our team clinics to help your child get the right equipment for their needs.

Social work

Our neuromuscular services extend beyond medical care. Our social worker can provide your family with psychosocial support and help coordinating early intervention referrals and financial assistance.


Our education liaison provides screening for academic and cognitive performance and can help coordinate 504/IEP accommodations with your child’s school.

Care navigation

Your child and family are unique. Our neuromuscular clinic coordinator will help to ensure that you receive all of the appropriate care and services, allowing us to best serve you.

Family support

Other families and organizations can offer support and guidance:


Meet the team

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Andrew "Drew" Barber, MD
Andrew "Drew" Barber MD Pulmonary medicine Read more
Amanda Catherine Butler, DPT
Amanda Butler DPT Physical therapy
Assistive technology
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Neel Dixit, MD
Neel Dixit MD Neuromuscular clinic Read more
Xinli Du, MD PhD
Xinli Du MD PhD Neuromuscular clinic Read more
Qihua Fan, MD
Qihua Fan MD Neuromuscular clinic Read more
Kelly G Gwathmey, MD
Kelly Gwathmey MD Neuromuscular clinic Read more
Amy D Harper, MD
Amy Harper MD Neurology
Neuromuscular clinic
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Nicholas Johnson, MD, MS-CI
Nicholas Johnson MD, MS-CI Neuromuscular clinic
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Aileen S Jones, DPT
Aileen Jones DPT Physical therapy Read more
Stephanie Joyce, PA
Stephanie Joyce PA Endocrinology and metabolism
Weight management
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Victoria G Kuester, MD
Victoria Kuester MD Orthopaedic surgery
Center for Craniofacial Care
Cerebral Palsy Clinic
Spina Bifida Clinic
Neuromuscular clinic
Sports medicine
Vascular birthmarks/malformations
Neurofibromatosis program
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Jessica Lane, MD
Jessica Lane MD Neurosurgery
Spina Bifida Clinic
Craniofacial care
Cerebral Palsy Clinic
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Kanhere Mansi Mukund, MD
Kanhere Mansi Mukund MD Endocrinology and metabolism Read more
Kasson Massimino, DPT
Kasson Massimino DPT Physical therapy Read more
Rebecca Merritt, PT, DPT
Rebecca Merritt PT, DPT Physical therapy Read more
Eugenio A Monasterio, MD
Eugenio Monasterio MD Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Cerebral Palsy Clinic
Spasticity Clinic
Spina Bifida Clinic
Concussion/traumatic brain injury
Neuromuscular clinic
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Reza Nabizadeh, MD
Reza Nabizadeh MD Neurology Read more
Frank Raucci, MD, PhD
Frank Raucci MD, PhD Cardiology Read more
Apoorva Ravindranath Waikar, MBBS
Apoorva Ravindranath Waikar MBBS Endocrinology and metabolism Read more
Andrew Reittinger, MD
Andrew Reittinger MD Cardiology Read more
Olivier Rolin, MD, PhD
Olivier Rolin MD, PhD Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Concussion/traumatic brain injury
Sports medicine
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Gordon Smith, MD, FAAN
Gordon Smith MD, FAAN Neuromuscular clinic Read more
Christopher Snyder, MD
Christopher Snyder MD Cardiology
Congenital heart disease
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Alexis Stevens
Alexis Stevens Cardiology Read more
Lauren Doyle Strauss, DO
Lauren Strauss DO Neurology
Headache medicine
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Mathula Thangarajh, MD, PhD
Mathula Thangarajh MD, PhD Neuromuscular clinic
Neuromuscular clinic
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Mareen Thomas, MD
Mareen Thomas MD Endocrinology and metabolism Read more
Ronald W Williams, MD
Ronald Williams MD Pulmonary medicine
Long-term care
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At 7 months old, Remy was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

At 7 months old, Remy was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

A new drug and our neuromuscular team changed her life.

Read about her journey