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Mental and emotional well being are part of a child's overall health – and something many parents and caregivers have concerns about at some point during a child's life. When these worries arise, it can be difficult to know if a child's mood or behavior is a normal part of growing up or if it's something more serious that may need professional attention. Even when a family feels certain that their child needs help, knowing how and where to find it can be confusing. We are here to help. 

We know that raising a child with mental health needs can be challenging at times. In addition to support from families who have been there, the following family support resources may be helpful. 


The following topics can help you better understand child and adolescent mental health and the range of services and supports available to families in Central Virginia. 

Signs of problems and disorders 

When a child’s problems with mood or behavior begin to interfere with relationships or everyday life, it may be a sign of a mental health disorder. We’re here to help you find the signs, diagnose, and treat them

Understanding evaluation and treatment 

It is helpful for families to understand what goes into evaluating and treating a child for a mental health disorder. Learn about mental health evaluations and what kinds of treatments are available for your child

Contact the resource center 

For more information, contact the Resource Center at (804) 828-9897

Additional resources 

Virginia Family Network 

Family Advocacy Creating Education and Services (FACES) 

Medical Home Plus 

National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health 

NAMI Child and Adolescent Action Center/For Parents, Caregivers & Youth 

Recursos en Espanol 

Aqui le proveemos una lista de paginas en espanol con una variedad de recursos sobre la salud mental. 

NYU Child Study Center 

Informacion para familias en espanol 

National Institute of Mental Health 

Publicaciones en Espanol 

Mental Health America  

Various temas en espanol 

American Psychological Association 

Centro de Apoyo de APA en Espanol 



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