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Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center

Mental health resource center

Emotional, social and behavioral challenges can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. Our innovative Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center serves as a hub for support, referrals and encouragement every step of the way.  

Our family navigators help you understand the mental health options available for children and can help you in finding therapists, psychiatrists or other appropriate services. Our model uses the valuable experiences of others who have navigated the mental health system, providing one-on-one support and referral assistance to families across Virginia. 

Families can call directly to speak with a family navigator, free of charge. Primary care providers can also call us to refer families in need of support and assistance. 

Please note: The Mental Health Resource Center is not a clinical program. It is designed to assist families and providers in understanding the mental health services available for children and adolescents and link them to appropriate information and care. 

Talk with one of our family navigators: 

If your child is experiencing a mental health crisis

We are not a crisis provider. If you feel your child is having a mental health crisis, please: 

  • Call your local mental health agency (community services board) 
  • Call 911 
  • Take them to the nearest emergency room for evaluation 

A community of support 

CMHRC services are made possible with support from the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, Jackson Foundation, Robins Foundation, Jenkins Foundation, City of Richmond and through the fundraising efforts of the VTCC Advisory Council. 

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Refer a child to the Mental Health Resource Center (for physicians)

Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center

Learn more about mental health resources for kids and families.

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