Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center

Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center

Addressing the growing demand for mental health resources

Our Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center at Virginia Treatment Center for Children is actively addressing the growing demand for mental health services and resources in our community. Thanks to the generous support of the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, we serve as a hub for education, resources and support. 

Our services

Parent and child classes and groups

Our one-hour virtual groups are designed to provide hands-on, real-life resources and skills to help families thrive. Groups are facilitated by mental health professionals from Virginia Treatment Center for Children and Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center. Sessions include a presentation and open Q&A session where participants can ask questions anonymously through the chat function. 

Group details

Group sessions are typically held on Thursdays at 6 p.m. via Zoom

Our groups cover a wide range of mental and behavioral health topics. Examples include: 

  • Raising children takes a village! Learn where to find local resources and support to help your child(ren) thrive
  • Emotions are contagious – Nurturing your well-being to best care for your child 
  • Trauma: The emotional impact on kids and families
  • ADHD: Identifying the signs and how to help

Registration and Zoom link access 

Registration is required. Participants will receive a Zoom link once they register.  

Community education and engagement

Mental health matters – let's keep the conversation going! Our team is dedicated to engaging with and educating our community while also breaking down the stigma that often surrounds mental health. We provide event speakers and interactive education throughout the community. Contact Nicole Cook, LCSW, LMHP for more information. 

Care coordination

Care navigation previously provided through the resource center is now provided by VTCC's care coordination team. The team helps ensure families understand their mental health care options along with resources and services that are available in the community. Call 804-828-9897 to speak with a care coordinator. 

Important note for health care providers: VMAP has launched! CMHRC no longer processes referrals from providers. VMAP provides health care providers with immediate psychiatry consults, mental health resources and care navigation.

Contact us l  804-828-9897 

Call to speak to a VTCC care coordinator or learn about our upcoming classes and groups. 

If your child is experiencing a mental health crisis 

The Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center is not a crisis provider. If you feel your child is having a mental health crisis, please: 

  • Call your local mental health agency (community services board) 
  • Call 911 
  • Take them to the nearest emergency room for evaluation 

How you can help your child feel seen in times of uncertainty

  • Starting new traditions (watch a TV series together, take nightly walks, hold a regular game night, etc.)
  • Getting them a little extra support when they need it
  • Finding safe ways to connect via social media
  • Validating their feelings (fear, sadness, disappointment)
  • Keeping a routine
  • Encouraging them to express their feelings in an age-appropriate way (could be drawing for younger kids, writing for older kids) 

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