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Children's Hospital Foundation Heart Center


Providing heart care to critically ill infants and children

We are the only children’s hospital in the region – and one of just two in the state of Virginia – with the specialized team and equipment to provide life-saving extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation care to critically ill infants and children.

When a child’s heart and lungs are too sick to function on their own, this treatment takes over, allowing time for other treatments to work and the body to heal. ECMO uses a pump to circulate the blood through an artificial lung (oxygenator) and back into the bloodstream.

CHoR was one of the first member hospitals of the international Extracorporeal Life Support Organization, signifying that our team of doctors, nurses, ECMO specialists and perfusionists has the training, experience and expertise to care for infants and children who need this advanced cardiopulmonary life support.

Kai'Ayshia's story

Kai’Ayshia developed a massive pulmonary embolus that was putting major strain on her heart

ECMO protected her brain and other vital organs while our team cared for her fragile heart. Dr. Yeh explains.

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