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Planning for a multidisciplinary clinic appointment

Planning for a multidisciplinary clinic appointment

Multidisciplinary clinic appointments, where a child meets with different specialists from their care team, is central to how we provide care. Here’s some helpful information to know about coming for this type of clinic visit.

COVID-19 visitation updates

For your safety, when you arrive for your appointment instead of being placed in a waiting room, you will be placed in the room you will see your doctor in.

See our current visitation guidelines

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  • Multidisciplinary clinic appointments are offered on Mondays at our Children's Pavilion. We provide other appointments and services a child may need there as well, and also at our VCU Health at Stony Point location.
  • Multidisciplinary clinic appointments usually last from 8:00 a.m. to noon. You should arrive 15 minutes early to register.
  • Feel free to bring familiar items to entertain your children, snacks and extra diapers.
  • We welcome breastfeeding anywhere in the building. For those who prefer privacy when breastfeeding or pumping, we have comfortable spaces to do so. Lactation rooms with changing tables are available on all levels of our Children’s Pavilion building.
  • Your child will have photographs taken for their medical record at each multidisciplinary clinic appointment.
  • After you leave, our team members will meet face to face to discuss your child’s health plan. You can call the program coordinator to review your child’s visit. A written copy of the team report will be sent to your home, your child’s pediatrician and any other health care providers you designate.
  • We have a Sibling Center at our Children’s Pavilion location. This center offers age-appropriate play, arts and crafts, and hands-on learning for siblings during a child’s appointment time. You can complete an enrollment form before your visit.

We look forward to seeing you and your child! Please be sure to contact us if you have questions or suggestions for additional information we can provide.


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