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Speech / language consultation

See an expert speech and language specialist at our center for craniofacial care

The speech/language pathologists on our craniofacial team evaluate all children with craniofacial differences who are seen by our team. Our therapists provide recommendations for those who need speech and language therapy to help them communicate in the most effective way.

Communication between our team and a child’s local care providers is important for the best outcomes for the children we serve. For many, this includes our team’s speech/language specialists working with a child’s school or local speech/language pathologists.

Our team’s speech/language pathologists and team coordinators are always willing to review treatment plans and help with the development of appropriate therapy goals. Proper goals and therapy techniques are needed to progress in this area, especially for a child with cleft palate.

Sometimes progress in speech therapy stops or more testing is needed. Our team coordinator will work with the care providers involved to make sure this is reviewed and any changes made at the correct times.

Conditions we treat: Learn more about how your child's craniofacial condition might affect their speech/language development

We provide care for a variety of conditions children are born with (congenital conditions) as well as conditions that may occur during a child’s life. These include:


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