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Michael McVoy, PhDMichael McVoy, PhD



Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Research areas

Dr. McVoy's laboratory has focused primarily on cytomegalovirus (CMV) genetics and molecular biology, but through strong collaborations, we have expanded our scope to include in vivo studies in animals and humans. His lab played a significant role in efforts to understand the factors and mechanisms involved in herpesvirus DNA replication and genome packaging mediated by the viral terminase. We have also applied whole-genome sequencing to identify attenuating mutations that occur during cell culture adaptation. For many years Dr. McVoy worked in collaboration with Stuart Adler to study human CMV immunology and vaccines and with Mark Schleiss to develop the guinea pig CMV model of congenital infection. More recently he has collaborated with Minhua Luo to explore the neuropathogenesis of human CMV infections and with Laura Hertel to study CMV infection of cells of the moral mucosa. His research spans basic molecular biology, replication, immunology, antivirals, genetics, immunotherapeutics, and vaccines, while my experience ranges from in vitro enzymatic and cell-based studies, animal studies, vaccine design and preclinical testing, to vaccine evaluation in phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials.

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  • Stuart Adler
  • Greg Buck
  • Mark Schleiss
  • Laura Hertel
  • Minhua Luo
  • Andrew Davison

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