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Salary and benefits

What are the salary and benefits of CHoR's pediatric residency and fellowship programs? 


PGY Level Annual Monthly Pay period
PGY 1 $57,593 $4,799.42 $2,215.12
PGY 2 $59,199 $4,933.25 $2,276.88
PGY 3 $61,330 $5,110.83 $2,358.85
PGY 4 $63,724 $5,310.33 $2,450.92
PGY 5 $65,996 $5,499.67 $2,538.31
PGY 6 $68,286 $5,690.50 $2,626.38
PGY 7 $70,795 $5,899.58 $2,722.88
PGY 8 $74,889 $6,240.75 $2,880.35



  • Three weeks paid vacation
  • MedChallenger membership
  • Day Care On-site: daycare is accessible to residents and fellows with children up to age 5, with convenient hours (6 a.m. to midnight)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Health/Vision/Dental Insurance
  • Backup Care Program: Employees may use this service when they need to be at work and their regular child care is unavailable
  • Sitter city: Connecting families with quality local in-home caregivers and with more than one million caregivers nationwide
  • One day department-funded pediatric meeting in Virginia
  • Business cards
  • CHoR jacket
  • Free access to UpToDate
  • Automatic paycheck deposit
  • Access to VCU sports facilities

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I chose VCU because of the people. The residents act like one large family and have a good relationship with the faculty and administrators. The other great reason to stay at VCU is Richmond! Richmond has all the convenience of a large city (good food, music, arts, festivals, outdoor activities) but the feel of a small town (low cost of living, no traffic, friendly people)

Avni, Class of 2019

Why choose CHoR?

Joining CHoR and VCU Health for your residency or fellowship is like joining a family. During your time here, we’ll work together to ensure you receive hands-on, comprehensive experience in pediatrics – while finding work-life balance and making life-long friends and mentors.

Learn more about resident life, salary, benefits and the city we call home.

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Our pediatric fellowships

As part of a major metropolitan medical center, the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s Pediatric Fellowship programs provide high-quality advanced training in specialty areas of pediatric research and practice. 

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