Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

Zachary Pottanat
Zachary "Zach" Pottanat, MDVCU School of Medicine

Falls Church, VA

Undergrad: University of Virginia
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Favorite things about residency at CHoR:
The supportive culture that exists from top down ranging from career guidance to mental health/wellness. Also the beauty of living in a city like Richmond where your quality of life both inside and outside the hospital is pretty great. Also....hashbrowns.

Favorite things to do and eat in Richmond / Hobbies:
As a big beach bum, I love being near water. Taking walks by the river and doing river things (kayak, tubing, etc) when the weather is nice makes for a relaxing afternoon. Richmond also has some really good peruvian chicken, ice cream, and pizza. The sunsets/sunrises are pretty great too. You can find me playing basketball, going for hikes nearby (charlottesville/blue ridge area), and cooking up a storm. I enjoy doing some amateur photography as well.

Fun fact about me:
I have 4 siblings. My mom was 1 of 14 and my dad was 1 of 12. My family is basically "cheaper by the dozens."