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Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma, DO
Prateek Sharma, DOChild neurology
Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Madison, Wisconsin

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: Des Moines University

Favorite things about residency at CHoR:
I really love the community of residents and attendings we have here at VCU. There is really great camaraderie between all the pediatrics classes! VCU also has a 2 week rotation schedule and generally tries to find a really good balance between inpatient and outpatient rotations, which is awesome for finding time to experience different areas of medicine while also getting more time to relax and explore Richmond!

Favorite things to do and eat in Richmond / Hobbies:
I live right on the James River and I love taking walks/runs to Belle Isle. I really enjoy exploring the many different breweries in Richmond as well!

Fun fact about me:
I want to see all the top 100 rated IMDB movies!