Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Gigi Myers
Gianna “Gigi” Myers, MD
Gianna “Gigi” Myers, MDVCU School of Medicine

Satellite Beach, Florida

Undergrad: University of South Florida
Medical School: VCU

Favorite things about residency at CHoR:
It’s, you guessed it, my co-residents. Residency lifestyle is quite challenging most days, but having such a supportive group of co-workers-turned-friends makes a world of difference, whether it’s having someone to vent to about a rough day or to explore Richmond on days off. Extra bonus points for the beautiful new children’s tower and all the lovely attendings we work with!

Favorite things to do and eat in Richmond / Hobbies:
My ideal Richmond day includes walking around the farmer’s market with my pup and coffee from a local roaster, stopping at Deep Groove records in The Fan, getting the vegan brocoletti pizza from 8 ½ and eating outside on the VMFA lawn (not even vegan and this is one of my favorite meals in richmond). I could go on forever about my favorite restaurants here, but my go-tos are Kahlo’s in Church Hill and Enoteca in Bellevue.

Fun fact about me:
My goal is to try every winery on the Monticello wine trail around Charlottesville. In the last four years, I’ve made it about ⅓ of the way through and will happily give you my favorite recs!