Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

Alex Trei
Alexander J. Trei, MD
Alexander J. Trei, MDThe Brody School of Medicine at ECU

Charlotte, NC

Undergrad: North Carolina State University
Medical School: East Carolina University

Favorite things about residency at CHoR:
My co-residents. Everyone is very fun and social. We are constantly meeting up to hangout outside the hospital to do all the fun things Richmond has to offer!

Favorite things to do and eat in Richmond / Hobbies:
The food scene here is insane. So many amazing restaurants with so much culture to them. My favorite restaurants so far are Edo Squid ( Italian), My Noodle and bar (Chinese) and Joe’s inn (Greek/Italian). My wife and I love exploring the outdoors, running, biking, hiking in the Richmond area. I also love going to the breweries in Scott’s addition, watching the flying squirrels play, and Friday nights on the lawn at the VMFA. Richmond has so many things to do you honestly can list them all here.

Fun fact about me:
I am an exercise enthusiast and will be running the Richmond half marathon this year!