Making sure CHoR is safe for you: Hear what our families have to say
June 12, 2020
Making sure CHoR is safe for you: Hear what our families have to say

    We know you may have questions about visiting the children's hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Is it safe? What should I expect? Who better to answer than patients and families with first-hand experience!

    Children's hospital safety during COVID-19Connor

    We’ve known Connor since he was a toddler battling cancer – today, he’s an 18-year-old heading to the US Naval Academy!

    “I'm trying to get a medical waiver so I can attend the US Naval Academy. I needed notes from lung and eye specialists, along with some testing. It’s not the type of care that can wait. I was really hesitant to go to a hospital during the pandemic, but I felt much better after I was able to see all of the steps they were taking to keep everyone safe. All of the extra precautions they took helped make me feel safe. It was comforting to know they were taking it so seriously. When I went back for additional testing the following week, I didn't have any anxiety at all.” – Connor

    “Without question, if either of my kids need to see a specialist, I will always seek out the doctors at CHoR. We have had excellent care from many of them over the years. We had the same experience even during the pandemic.” – Lisa, Connor’s mom


    An irregular heartbeat brought Rachel to the Children’s Pavilion for cardiology testing and procedures during COVID-19.

    “At first I was a little nervous about coming into the hospital during the pandemic but all of the nurses were really professional and made me feel safe.” – Rachel

    “What impressed me most was the health care workers’ thoughtful process about how they would manage us coming into the organization and helping us to feel safe. They washed their hands, they practiced social distancing and they even kept us in the same room where the procedures were done and had the doctor come in and see us at that point. – Trina, Rachel’s mom

    safety at the children's hospital during COVID-19Nicole

    Nicole comes to CHoR regularly for follow-up visits with our nephrology team after her recent kidney transplant.

    “Everyone has been so nice and we’re very happy with the experience and how soon they’ve been able to see my daughter when she needs an appointment. Compared to other places, it’s been exceptional. The safety measures they’ve taken have been awesome. It’s really stressful right now for everyone, so to have this is great.” – Brunilda, Nicole’s mom

    therapy services during COVID-19Coby

    Coby hasn’t skipped a beat as his medical care and therapy have continued throughout COVID-19.

    “My son has cerebral palsy and therefore requires many doctor appointments and therapy visits. These are important for continuity of care and progress towards an independent life. While these are trying times, CHoR has made us feel comfortable and safe. The flow has been smooth - a safe check-in process and brought straight back to our rooms with no waits in the lobby. At such a young age, my son refuses to keep a mask on so my confidence in CHoR’s effort speaks volumes. The medical staff and therapists have been extremely professional and diligent while providing us a safe and comfortable environment. We are thankful for CHoR and all their efforts in these unprecedented times.” –April, Coby’s mom

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