Injury Prevention Day: How you can take a moment today to prevent injury tomorrow
November 18, 2022
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    How you can take a moment today to prevent injury tomorrow

    National Injury Prevention Day is November 18. Our Safe Kids Virginia team offers a few reminders to help keep kids safe from preventable injuries.

    6 quick tips for kids’ safety

    1. Store medicine securely and out of sight

    Curious kids can ingest the wrong kind or amount of medicine in a matter of seconds. Be sure to store medications in high cabinets with properly installed child-resistant latches. Select child-resistant packaging too, but keep in mind that child resistant isn’t child proof, so proper storage is still important.

    2. Test your smoke detectors

    Make sure you have working smoke detectors on each level of your home and in all sleeping areas. Test the alarms monthly and replace the batteries each time you change the clocks (spring and fall). Teach kids about the alarm and what to do if they hear it. Have an escape plan in place, including a specific meeting spot outside, and review it regularly as a family. Here’s more on fire and burn safety.

    3. Secure furniture and TVs

    Mount heavy bookshelves, dressers and televisions to wall studs to keep them from tipping over. Mounting straps or brackets often come with televisions and furniture, or they can be purchased at a hardware store. 

    4. Keep an eye out for kitchen safety

    Many families will be cooking and baking for upcoming holiday celebrations. From coiling cords to designating kid-free zones around hot food and appliances, make sure your cooking habits are a recipe for safety success.

    5. Check your car seats for proper installation and fit

    Car seats should be used on every ride, no matter the distance. Follow the instructions that came with your child’s car seat to make sure it’s installed correctly. Kids should continue using a booster seat until the car’s adult seat belts fit properly across the chest and hips/thighs when sitting with their back against the seat, knees bending over the seat cushion and feet resting flat on the floor. The back seat is the safest place for kids.

    6. Think through other travel safety before holiday trips

    Are your child safety seats properly installed in your vehicle and labeled as certified for use in aircraft if traveling by plane? If you’re visiting family or friends, be sure to do a scan of their home for safety risks when you arrive – especially if kids don’t live there. Ask if there are guns in the homes you’re visiting and, if so, make sure they’re safely stored.

    From babies to teens, we have information to help your family stay safe and prevent injuries.

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