CHoR and VCU Police share gun locks and safety information with families for ASK Day
June 21, 2022
CHoR patients and mom get safety information on ASK Day

    CHoR and VCU Police share gun locks and safety information with families for ASK Day

    Nearly one-third of U.S. homes with children have guns. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this translates to an estimated 4.6 million kids living with loaded, unlocked firearms. CHoR and VCU Police teamed up this ASK Day to educate families on the importance of ensuring firearms are safely locked and stored, and provide complimentary gun locks.

    ASK Day – important gun safety questions keep kids safe

    June 21 is ASK Day, which stands for Asking Saves Kids. The day is dedicated to urging parents and caregivers to ask about guns in the homes their children visit.

    "ASK Day is an opportunity for families to speak with officers about addressing firearm safety in their social circles and how to secure a firearm properly," said VCU Police Chief John Venuti. "There are the precautions you take in your own home, but there are also conversations with friends, neighbors, family and babysitters about the safety measures they're taking with firearms in their homes. Accidental firearm-related injuries are 100% preventable."

    “Parents are accustomed to discussing food allergies, adult supervision and other safety topics when kids stay with friends or family. Asking if there’s a gun in the home and, if so, making sure it’s safely stored should be added to the list of routine questions,” added Corri Miller-Hobbs, program coordinator for Safe Kids Virginia and a member of our Level 1 pediatric trauma center. “It’s not a matter of opinions on gun ownership. It’s about taking safety measures and saving lives.”

    Gun safety tips for kids and families

    In addition to asking about guns in homes, Safe Kids Virginia offers the following gun safety tips:

    • Keep guns out of reach and out of sight of children.
    • Store guns unloaded and secured with effective, child-resistant locks. Leaving guns unsecured — on a nightstand, table or other place where a child can gain access — can lead to injuries and fatalities.
    • When a gun is not being stored, keep it in your immediate possession and control at all times.

    Find more safety information from Safe Kids Virginia.

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