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CHoR challenge: Weekly activities to promote the health, wellness and learning of kids in quarantine
April 22, 2020
CHoR challenge: Weekly activities to promote the health, wellness and learning of kids in quarantine

    Week 1 of CHoR Challenge: Bringing fun activities into your home

    We’re offering activity ideas three days a week to help keep kids grow, learn and thrive during social distancing—and provide a little relief to their parents and guardians.

    While staying home is necessary to minimize the spread of COVID-19, it’s not easy for our kids and families. Gone are playdates, sports and the familiar routines of family life. We understand that keeping kids busy, learning and growing is a big task while families face working from home and in some cases unemployment.

    We here to do whatever we can to help!

    Challenges of the day to support children and their families

    Beginning today, we are offering three activities a week to help support the health, well-being and learning of your children while you’re social distancing at home.

    The sacrifices being made by children and their families mean you’re all champions in our book. In honor of that champion spirit, we’re calling these activities challenges of the day.

    Every week, we’ll publish a CHoR challenge blog post with three new challenges, or activities. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, too.

    We hope these tips for staying healthy and reducing stress will give your temporarily downsized lives an upsized lift. 

    Social distancing activities for childrenHere are this week’s challenges:

    Challenge: Discover your wild backyard

    Wildlife is everywhere, even in your backyard. Go on a discovery mission to find out what lives right outside your door. While getting outdoors is good for the body and the mind, if your child has seasonal allergies, check the pollen count in your area here.

    Challenge: Create an indoor obstacle course

    Staying fit even in quarantine is possible. Here’s one way: Build your own (safe!) indoor obstacle course with boxes, pillows, toys and more. Kids can jump, roll and use their gross motor skills all the way through. Post a video of your champions using #CHoRChallenge.   

    Challenge: Learn the facts together

    At CHoR, we know that during stressful times, children feel better when adults share accurate information–and role-model their own calm resilience. Learn more about COVID-19 from our website to prepare for their questions and about reducing children’s anxiety here. Share the facts you learn with family and friends.

    Nurturing the champion in every child

    Though many aspects of our lives have changed because of COVID-19, our commitment to children has not. We’re still playing to win—and we know your children are, too. As your children try our challenges of the day, please help to encourage us all by sharing your family’s stories of resilience and joy. Post images, videos and descriptions to your favorite social media with the hashtag #CHoRChallenge. 

    Be sure to check out our weekly #CHORChallenges!

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