5 tips for a safe virtual learning environment
September 30, 2020
5 tips for a safe virtual learning environment

    5 tips to avoid preventable injuries and support a safe virtual learning environment

    Parents and kids have a lot on their minds with return to learning during COVID-19. With virtual learning, changed routines and new levels of multi-tasking, it can be easy to overlook everyday safety hazards around the home.

    Take a few moments to review the following safety tips from Safe Kids Virginia with your family members of all ages to avoid preventable injuries.

    1. Safely charge electronic devices. Phones, computers and tablets are essential for virtual learning, but charging them can cause fire hazards. Make sure to unplug devices when finished, only use authentic charging cables, and never charge devices on soft surfaces, like couches or bedding. 
    2. Discuss a safe plan for medications. This is especially important if older teens are taking medications on their own or dispensing them to younger siblings. The plan should include proper dosing and storage out of sight and out of reach of young children. 
    3. Use caution when microwaving or cooking. Kids and teens may be helping in the kitchen or even making their own lunch or snacks while at home for virtual learning. To avoid scalds and burns, help younger children remove food from the microwave and remind teenagers to wear oven mitts. 
    4. Play safely. If they’re taking a break from learning by biking, skateboarding, etc., kids and teens should make sure to wear a properly fitting helmet and protective gear. Encourage them to remind their friends too!
    5. Have a fire plan. Check to make sure you have at least one working smoke detector for each level of your home and create a fire escape plan with at least two ways out of every room.

    Visit Safe Kids Virginia for additional tips to keep your family safe.

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