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Developmental milestones

Developmental milestones 

Parents often ask about activities and/or achievements generally demonstrated at a given stage of a child's development. This information is a general guide to help you determine if your child is progressing at the rate expected for his or her age. Please keep in mind that each child is unique and develops skills at their own rate. 

If you are concerned about a baby’s development, please note that ALL infants and toddlers (0-36 months) in Virginia are eligible to have their development checked at no cost to the family. If recommended, additional testing – which includes speech, hearing, thinking skills, motor skills and social skills – can be arranged, again at no cost to families.  

Skills by age

More information 

For more information, contact occupational therapy at (804) 228-5818. If you are concerned about a child or adolescent's development, a doctor or therapist may be able to assist with an evaluation.