Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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The Smart Suite

Smart Suite 

Practicing life skills in a controlled setting is a great way to encourage independence. 

Our Smart Suite is a simulated home environment, outfitted with available technology that you could use in adapting your own home. It features an accessible kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom – all equipped with an assortment of devices. Your child can test and learn how to use appropriate equipment that maximizes their ability to perform daily living and leisure activities more independently. 

We tailor our services to the unique developmental stages of children: 

Preschool and elementary school children 

  • Learn snack preparation, bathing options, and accessibility to clothing 

Middle and high school youth 

  • Promote independence through meal preparation, bathing and dressing aides, and grooming aids 
  • Help transitioning to other environments following high school, including college, independent apartment or assisted living facility 

Young adult/adults 

  • Navigate transfer devices, adapted kitchen, bed and bath equipment 
  • Promote independence to live at home or an apartment, or in an assisted living, continuous care or group home setting 

This program is accredited by The Joint Commission as part of an ambulatory survey process. 


Meet the team

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Samantha K Burch, MEd, CCC-SLP
Samantha Burch MEd, CCC-SLP Speech therapy
Assistive technology
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Michelle L Froede, DPT
Michelle Froede DPT Physical therapy
Assistive technology
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Andrea Ralston Harris, MOT
Andrea Harris MOT Occupational therapy
Assistive technology
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