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Adaptive car seat evaluations

Car seat evaluations: Ensure that your child is using the safest seat

The proper safety seat can protect a child’s life. The best safety seat is one that fits the child and vehicle, and can be used correctly on every ride.

Additional considerations and accommodations may be needed for children with behavioral or medical needs. An evaluation with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician who has additional training in specialized car seats can help ensure that your child is using the safest seat.

Why do I need a car seat evaluation with a certified child passenger safety technician? 

A trained specialist can help:

  • Assess which car seat type/sitting position is safest for the child’s size, behavior and level of function  
  • Determine whether an adaptive safety seat is needed or a standard car seat can be used
  • Assess the direction a child should face based on size and strength/motor control
  • Work with the family and equipment vendor to make decisions about what car seat and accessories are most appropriate
  • Advise on best placement of the infant's seat in the vehicle
  • Determine proper installation according to the car seat manufacturer, vehicle manual and needs of the child and family
  • Demonstrate and provide coaching on proper installation of and adjustment to the car seat
  • Take into consideration the caregivers’ ability to transfer the child in and out of the seat
  • Inform families of state programs for procuring standard seats if the family qualifies
  • Write letters of justification to insurance companies and make appeals for denied child seats

Who could benefit from an adaptive seat?

Adaptive car seats may be the best option to ensure ongoing safety. Children who have escaping behaviors or low or fluctuating tone associated with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, obesity, chromosomal anomalies or other conditions may benefit from an adaptive seat. 

Car seat tolerance screening

When a newborn with certain medical requirements is ready to leave the hospital, a car seat tolerance screening will ensure they can safely ride in a conventional car seat. During this screening, our safety expert will place them in a seat while monitoring their vital signs. If the doctor determines it is safer to discharge the infant in a car bed, they will be rescreened for a conventional car seat at a future appointment.


Evaluation with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician: 804-828-CHOR (2467)

Car seat tolerance screening: 804-628-2077



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