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G-tube care at CHoR

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - Gastrostomy

Principle of ERAS

  • The goal of ERAS is to improve your child's experience in and out of the hospital.
  • Key principles of the ERAS protocol include: patient education, reducing time of fasting before surgery, starting nutrition early after surgery, minimizing pain and encouraging getting out of bed early
  • This website is designed to help you understand what a gastrostomy tube is and address any questions about taking care of a child with a gastrostomy tube.
  • Overall, we hope to decrease anxiety levels surrounding surgery, educate parents on how to take care of their children better after surgery, decrease complications, reduce length of stay in the hospital and ultimately increase patient satisfaction.


The following links provide necessary information about your child's G-tube.

AMT ONE Source™ app

AMT has created a free mobile app at the request of families and clinicians to support families who have children with g-tubes and other AMT feeding devices. The app includes patient education guides, frequently asked questions , “How to” videos, troubleshooting and more.

AMT ONE source app for G-tube resources

G-tube glossary

  • “Advancing” tube feed: increasing the amount of the tube feed
  • “Bolus” tube feed: pushing in a certain amount of tube feed into the stomach over few minutes or less
  • G-tube: stands for gastrostomy tube, tube that goes directly into the stomach from the skin
  • NGT: stands for nasogastric tube, tube that goes from the nose to the stomach
  • “Racking” tube feed: connect an open syringe to the G tube using the extension, placing the syringe about 6 to 8cm above the stomach and letting a set amount of tube feed trickle into the stomach using gravity.
  • Stoma (G-tube): an opening in the skin to the stomach, where the G-tube was previously placed


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