Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Pediatric MRI scan

Pediatric MRI: CHoR is home to Central Virginia’s only dedicated pediatric 3 tesla (3T) MRI

The Children's Pavilion is home to Central Virginia’s only dedicated pediatric 3 tesla (3T) MRI, which is about twice as powerful as a standard MRI. This powerful magnet technology provides extremely clear, high-resolution images of the inside of the body, making it one of the most sensitive studies for detecting subtle abnormalities.

This additional power is particularly helpful when imaging the brain, spine and joints, allowing your child's doctor to see things that may not be as clearly visible through conventional MRI imaging. 

Our kid-friendly hot air balloon-themed MRI suite is equipped with special high-tech goggles that allow children to watch movies as they are being scanned. This helps them pass the time more enjoyably, and further minimizes our use of sedation.

They can even bring their favorite movies from home! 

What to expect during a pediatric MRI

We understand that getting an x-ray or MRI can be scary for kids, in part because the equipment is big and sometimes loud. Our team takes special measures to calm your child's nerves and make them comfortable.

From superhero capes to a mini MRI scanner that makes noises just like the real thing, we help kids understand what to expect and prepare them to conquer their imaging procedure. Our certified Child Life specialist is also available to help age appropriately explain your child’s procedure to them and help find coping and distraction techniques to help them achieve the best experience possible. 

In studies requiring sedation, the physician regularly reviews the images while the child is still in the procedure room to ensure that all appropriate images have been obtained and urgent decisions can be made if needed. Families wait in a room close by, and we keep you informed throughout the procedure.

Fetal MRI

A fetal MRI is performed as a complement to, rather than as a replacement for, ultrasound studies performed in the OBGYN’s or maternal-fetal medicine provider’s office; and is tailored to address the specific questions and concerns of the referring provider.

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