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What is cystography?

A cystography(Voiding cystourethragram/VCUG) is an imaging of the urinary system. Using fluoroscopy, a kind of x-ray "movie", our physicians will be able to diagnose issues in the bladder. During the test, we will insert a thin tube called a urinary catheter and inject contrast dye into your bladder.

Why is my child having this test?

Your child is having this study to establish the presence or absence, nature or extent of disease affecting the urinary system. Imaging from cystography studies can reveal abnormalities related to:

How can I prepare for the cystography test?

  • Bring a picture ID and insurance information.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time.
  • There are no food or medication restrictions and there is no need to fast in preparation for this.

What should we expect during the test?

The test will take about 1 hour.

Depending on the age or if it is developmentally appropriate, you and your child will meet with a child life specialist.

Then your child will change in to a hospital gown and an abdominal x-ray will be obtained.

We obtain this by having a nurse or physician insert catheter in to the bladder. Your child will be laying down on a fluoroscopy table while a contrast agent hooked up to the catheter flows in to their bladder. The radiologist will then take images with the fluoroscopy x-ray machine.

Once the bladder is full, your child will be asked to move in a few different positions so we can get different angles.Then they will be asked to void on the table on a chux pad, bed pan or urinal. If the bladder isn't completely emptied, a post-void x-ray will be taken.

After-care information

Your child may resume normal activity, eating and drinking after exam unless otherwise specified by your physician.

Unless fluids are restricted by the doctor, your child should drink fluids (more than normal) to help the contrast move out of their system.

Follow-up care after the procedure

Results will be available 1-2 business days on the patient portal and to your ordering physician. To access your results, please contact the physician that ordered your test.

Contact information if questions or concerns

Please contact us at (804) 628-4998 and ask for a radiology technologist. If this is after hours, please call (804) 828-3699.


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