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HEPA filter air purifiers

HEPA filter air purifiers

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can remove some asthma triggers that are in the air but do not help with all asthma triggers. HEPA filters come in stand-alone machines or as part of vacuum cleaners.

HEPA filter air purifiers that stand alone work for one room, not the entire house. These air purifiers are good for some triggers such as pet dander, mold and tobacco smoke. They cannot pick up dust and roach particles that are too big or have settled on the ground. HEPA filter air purifiers should only be used in addition to dusting and other trigger control measures.

Do not use an air purifier that emits ozone. Ozone can be dangerous for people with asthma.

The HEPA filter in air purifiers needs to be changed periodically. Check the instructions to know how often your air purifier filter needs to be changed and cleaned. You can buy HEPA filter air purifiers at stores like Target, Sears, Lowes or Home Depot.

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Vacuum cleaners

HEPA filters on vacuum cleaners prevent dust from going back into the air. This type of vacuum cleaner is helpful for people with allergies or asthma.

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