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Dealing with roaches and mice

Dealing with roaches and mice

Roach droppings and mouse dander are common asthma triggers.

General roach and rodent prevention tips:

  • Never eat in your child's bedroom.
  • Store food and trash in closed containers.
  • Clean up all spills and crumbs as soon as possible.
  • Mop kitchen floors at least once a week.
  • Clean countertops every day.
  • Take out the trash daily and put a tight lid on the trash can.
  • Seal small cracks and holes in the home where pests can get in.

Roach specific information

  • Fix water leaks under sinks.
  • Do not leave standing water at the corner of rooms after scrubbing the floor. Dry with a towel.
  • Do not use spray pesticides inside. They can make asthma worse and are dangerous for small kids.
  • Use bait stations, gels or boric acid powder under appliances and other places roaches may hide.
  • Make sure baits and other poisons are out of reach of children.

Mouse specific information

  • Keep clutter off floors so mice won't build nests there. They love warmth and corners.
  • Do not get a cat. The cat might actually make your child's asthma worse.
  • Use snap traps under appliances and sinks and where you see droppings.
  • Trim shrubs well and keep the yard free of litter.
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