Children's Emergency Department is now located in Children's Tower: 1001 E. Marshall Street.

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Foster care clinic

Care for foster children 

Our foster care clinic is designed to ensure children placed in foster care receive efficient and coordinated medical and psychiatric care. We aim to be a consistent and compassionate presence in a child's life while in the care of others. 

What to expect 

A foster care referral is made to our clinic by a social worker, ideally within 48 hours of a child's removal from their home. Our team will review their medical and psychiatric records and schedule an appointment within 30 days from receipt of the referral, based on the child's needs. 

Evaluation at the first appointment may include: 

  • Dental screening 
  • Nutrition screening 
  • Vision and hearing screening 
  • Depression and anxiety screening 
  • Substance abuse screening 
  • Standard physical exam 
  • Psychiatric assessment 
  • Initial medication review and management 

These reviews and screenings will be used to determine needs for continued care. Lab, radiographic imaging and other diagnostic testing will be provided as needed. 

Referrals will be made to appropriate sub-specialty providers and primary care physicians who have expertise working with children with complex medical and social needs. 

Why choose CHoR? 

Our foster care clinic is the only one of its kind in Central Virginia dedicated to providing efficient and coordinated health care services for children in foster care. As an urban academic medical center, we treat the region’s most distressed and underserved children and have the understanding and compassion to help those most in need. 

The multidisciplinary team includes a pediatrician, psychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker and two nurse practitioners. We also work with the child protection team and understand the needs of children who have experienced neglect, abuse, abandonment or other issues that have endangered their health or safety. They provide knowledgeable and compassionate medical and mental health care. 


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